dp Stuff have updated their very cool Revit addins to work with Revit 2015, and happily I have three prizes to giveaway:

  1. Free Revit Utils 2015 and Randomizer 2015 pack
  2. Half-price Revit Utils 2015 and Randomizer 2015 pack
  3. 25% off Revit Utils 2015 and Randomizer 2015 pack

To enter the competition, scroll down to the Comments on this post and write your response to this question (don’t worry if your entry doesn’t appear straight away, it will 🙂 …

Name one challenge you have faced while using Revit.
How did you overcome it?

The deadline for this competition is Tuesday 10 March 2015. After this date, I will review the comments and then give the prizes to the entries that I think are the most original, thought-provoking, outside-of-the-box and interesting 🙂 Results will be announced in a comment on 11 March, and I will reply to the winners individually.

I have posted about Dima Chiriacov’s dp Stuff addins several times over the years, including this random tree generator post and this one about his Workset Explorer (which is now included in the “Revit Utils” pack).

Here are the links to the updated 2015 dp Stuff addins:
Revit Utils 2015
Randomizer 2015

Dima’s post:
Revit 2015 Addins Update – Revit Utils 2015 – dp Stuff

It is very easy to buy from the site, just

  • Add to Cart, 
  • Checkout,
  • Apply any discount codes
  • Fill out your details
  • Accept the terms
  • Proceed to download

I have been a vocal supporter of 3D mice for some time now. I believe they make the experience of working with 3D models much more tactile and engaging. Personally, I use a SpacePilot Pro all day (the wired version), and it is brilliant for smoothly coordinating models in Navisworks. Newer versions of Revit (with improved display performance) have also made the 3D mouse proposition much more Revit-friendly.

I suggested the folks at 3Dconnexion run a competition through What Revit Wants, but I didn’t want to run a plain ‘ole “Why I want a 3D mouse”  thing. Instead, I think its important for the designers and providers of these devices to understand why there is some resistance coming from the AEC community. Is it cost? Organizational restrictions? Have you tried them in the past and found them hard to use? I’m not giving you any more ideas – its a competition!

And if you are using one, why do you love it? Honest responses will be more highly valued.

Up for grabs are two SpaceMouse Pro Wireless devices – a cutting edge model, released just a few weeks ago. Here are the links to the competition entry pages:

Note: this competition closes on 31 July 2014
All the best with your entries!

You may also want to check out my review on using a SpacePilot Pro with Revit.