Click on the little satellite dish, then InfoCenter settings:

Go to RSS Feeds and click Add, then copy and paste the following string:


While you are at it, why not add What Revit Wants:

Twitter RSS that doesn’t work in Communications Centre:

Read more:
Is there any way to display my tweets via an rss url? | Twitter Developers:

To kill the Communication Center … in Regedit replace all the (1) with (0) see image.
(you will need to login to Revit Forum)

Then rename WSCommCntr2.exe to AAWSCommCntr2.exe
( C:Program FilesCommon FilesAutodesk SharedWSCommCntrlibAAWSCommCntr2.exe)

via this post
New AUBench (archive) – Page 22

Obviously, you may need to change the Registry location depending on what version of Revit you are using…

If you don’t want to manually edit the Registry, you can use the CAD Manager Control utility as per this post:
Revit 2011 closes right after the splash screen – Autodesk Discussion Groups

If you are having Communication Center issues, it may be due to a corrupted XML file.  Refer to this Revit support page:
Revit 2010 products hang at or before splash screen

This AutoCAD support page is along similar lines:
How to disable the Communication Center in Autocad?