I was going to make a script or something myself, but I figured there is a API-guy out there waiting to make something useful and simple like this.

Challenge:  make a tool (can be an application, script or CMD) that locates and backs up all API add-ins from Revit add-in files.  Ideally, this tool would place the result in a ZIP file with subfolders that are logical and could be ‘restored’ to a new / clean installation of Revit.


Note: if you are going to ‘take the challenge’ I recommend that you post a comment so that you can co-ordinate with other coders if necessary.

Some of my notes below:
Need at least 2 x add-in folders and any referenced dlls

On my PC:

Wiki – addin locations:

Environment variables:

CMD Reference:

You may have already heard about Boost Your BIM – a new and quite prolific programming (API and macro) blog for Revit by Harry Mattison.  If his recent posts are anything to go by, this blog should be on your ‘must follow’ list.  Also, I could be wrong, but I think his profile image might be a reference to my post here

On Twitter at twitter.com/BoostYourBIM

Here is some recent posts that I found to be pretty interesting:
Macros vs. Add-Ins – What’s the difference?
The code for your macro is stored in an RVT file if it is a document macro. If you create an application macro the code is stored independently on your computer … The code for your Add-In gets compiled into a DLL file.  

Revit API Wiki and RevitAPI.chm
Revit API Developer’s Guide Wiki at http://wikihelp.autodesk.com/index.php?title=Revit/enu/2013/Help/00006-API_Developer%27s_Guide

Scrubbing Out Dimension Styles
Harry provides a deleting / purging macro that handles both dimensions in sketches and dimensions in unplaced groups.

Save a Set of Elements with SelectionFilterElement
Although full Revit 2013 (Onebox) has built-in Saved Selections, you can see how little code is required to actually make basic selection filters on this post.

I previously posted about a free add-in for single selections, and there is also Case Apps Reusable and Sharable Selection Sets

Making Lines Not Print (with Events)
I can’t say I’ve ever wanted this … but it basically switches a certain line style to white before printing, then back afterwards… 

Some info about Harry (from BIMopedia):
Harry joined Revit Technology Corp in 1998 and spent his last few years at Autodesk as a software developer on the Revit API team. Now Harry has set out on this own and would like to help more people appreciate and benefit from the Revit API.

Whether you prefer C# or VB.Net for Revit API add-in development is probably a matter of preference.  So for those of you who haven’t heard yet:

Based on popular demand, we have now added new VB.NET samples.
So regardless whether you are new to this training or have already gone through it once with the C# code, now is your chance to choose the language you prefer, C# or VB.Net, at www.autodesk.com/myfirstrevitplugin.

The Building Coder: My First Revit Plug-in in VB

If you head over to this link, you will find a nice collection of Revit API resources, including:

  • My First Revit Plug-in (self-paced tutorial guide for a smooth introduction into the programming world)
  • SDK downloads
  • Introduction to Revit 2011/2012 Programming (DevTV videos)

There is also a very handy package from the Revit API Labs.  If you unzip the following file, you can find actual class handout documents, presentation slides, and source code samples for both VB and CS (C Sharp, C#) languages:
Revit API 2012 Training (zip – 12726Kb)
Autodesk – Developer Center – Autodesk� Revit� Architecture, Autodesk� Revit� Structure and Autodesk� Revit� MEP