I’m kind of getting sick of the Building Information Intelligence Modelling Management Model debate.

I also wonder why Bloggers the world over think that blogs are an AIP (acronym invention platform).

Does anyone really think that the blogger who first used a particular collection of letters that apply to a particular phrase will ever receive true recognition or remuneration for it?

What do you think?  Are you annoyed by the intense proliferation of collections of letters that are more painful than they are useful?

Here is a few more to add to the mix.  I’m not sure whether these have been invented before or not – actually I’m pretty sure that some of them have.  However, I think that ‘BIM’ could be divided up into a plethora of sub-categories, each with their own annoying acronym.  Is this a good idea?  You be the judge.

I think the answer is No.

PSM Photographic Survey Model
LSM Laser Survey Model
CBM Client Brief Model
S3M Schematic 3-D Model
BDM Building Design Model
BAM Building Analysis Model
CCAM Cost Calculation and Analysis Model
DCM Document Coordination Model
BCM Building Coordination Model
FMM Facility Management Model
From http://bim.arch.gatech.edu/?id=402