Some Photoshop Tips for enhancing Architectural Photographs

I’m sure many of you are very experienced Photoshop users, so I won’t bore you with too much detail.  There are just two things I wanted to mention:

  1. If you have a photo that was taken in less-than-perfect light, try the Image – Adjustments – Shadow/Highlight tool.  Some experimentation with this adjustment can yield very good results.
  2. One principle of Architectural Photography is that of Straight Verticals.  If you have an image that has warped verticals due to perspective, you can use the Filter – Distort – Lens Correction tool in Photoshop.

Here is an example:

Original Photograph
Adjusted Shadow / Highlight and Lens Correction

For more photography and composition principles, check out AB4061 Is That a Photograph? Architectural Photography for 3D Rendering

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10 years ago

Wow. Awful.

Michelle Courtney DeFiore

It's good that the pictures are adjusted. The one on the bottom is better, but most of the architectural photographers Boston can do this with minimal or no editing. This is the reason why they are the best. So we always hire them if we need a picture of a specific unit.

Kelveen louis
9 years ago

I am very new in architecture business and want to finish my 1st project. For that I am looking best site where I can get construction photography easily. Please help!!