Roof forms – How do I make a 'xxx' roof?

Okay, xxx means “insert your desired roof type here”. One of the best and easiest ways to find find the answer you are looking for is by downloading this file on Roof Forms from the Revit 2011 Content Distribution Center.
From here, you should be able to figure out the ‘best practice’ when it comes to creating the various different roof forms.

Strangely, Autodesk Seek ‘knows’ about this file, but you can’t download it from there – yet.

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Adam Sheather
Adam Sheather
13 years ago


This file is also located in the standard content that ships with Revit under sample files. You just need to be looking for a project instead of a family. it also includes railings, fences and stairs as well as roofs.

Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin
4 years ago

Is it still possible to acquire this REVIT file?