Revit Prank 2 – custom dimension rounding

Beware of this one – someone setting the Custom dimension rounding to something strange like ‘3’:

It can make a tidy Dimension Plan look terrible!

More at:
What Revit Wants: Revit Pranks

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11 years ago

Not funny!
Well, actually, it is as a prank, but:
True story:
We had a project where one of the Bid Packages had been issued. The Curtain Wall manufacturer called us up because he thought something looked fishy.
Every dimension on the Curtain Wall was an even inch. He'd never seen that happen before.
Turns out someone on our project had managed to set the Project Units Rounding to 1". And the Bid Pack got issued that way! Pretty much had to re-issue ALL of the drawings again.

Luke Johnson
11 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Yeah that is a nasty story Dave! I guess when I put these 'pranks' on here it is partly as a heads-up to the readers that "these things can happen – beware".

Thanks for your insight mate.