Revit Journal Analyzer – boost your productivity!

Rod Howarth has done a great job in responding to the challenge I presented a fortnight ago.  He has created a simple yet effective program that analyzes your journal files and tells you the Top 20 commands that you are triggering WITH Keyboard Shortcuts, and the Top 20 commands you are triggering WITHOUT Keyboard Shortcuts.

Most of us realize that the fastest way to trigger a command is by using the keyboard.  Yes, the Ribbon is lovely in its own way, but once you know what command you want, why would you want to spend 3 or 4 clicks getting there, when a simple press or two on the keyboard will do the same thing?

Here is a link to the Journal File Analyzer post by Rod.

Here is a direct link to the Journal File Analyzer program.

I will post later about the paths to use if you don’t know them already.

Also, don’t include “” marks in the path entries.

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