Properties Palette craziness – solution

After a few emails back and forth to a very helpful person at Autodesk, I finally tried putting both the Properties Palette and the Project Browser onto the ONE MONITOR – and the problem disappeared! You can do this by ‘double clicking’ on the top bar of the Properties Palette and Project Browser – this moves them into the default position.

Image of problem fixed (notice that ‘common’ appears in the dropdown list):
So, this isn’t strictly a ‘solution’, as I prefer to work with two monitors. But it will do for now.

Properties Palette on second monitor (problem):

Project Browser on second monitor (problem):
Has this happened to you? Feel free to comment.

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14 years ago

I keep my properties docked inside the main window on the right side. I keep the project browser outside the main window on the left. With this arrangement I haven't had any problems. The properties palette in 2011 alone seems to make me about 25% faster! I love it! BUT my about half of my custom place buttons on the QAT disappear at random in between Revit sessions – So I have to reach up that extra inch sometimes with my mouse. Oh the humanity!!! (seriously though, does anyone know why the QAT loses some of the custom settings, but… Read more »

Luke Johnson
14 years ago

That is interesting, because my undocked ribbon panels also don't seem to persist – they just go back into the Ribbon!