Project Vasari SDK Software Development Kit for download

In addition to Project Vasari itself, you can now download a Software Development Kit (SDK). This kit is intended for power users who wish to use the Application Program Interface (API) to work with Project Vasari.
The API allows a programmer to:

  • Create add-ins to automate repetitive tasks in the Project Vasari UI
  • Enforce project design standards by checking for errors automatically
  • Extract project data for analysis and to generate reports
  • Import external data to create new elements or parameter values
  • Integrate other applications, including analysis applications, into Project Vasari
  • Create Project Vasari project documentation automatically

// Download Project Vasari SDK via Autodesk Labs

Project Vasari Software Development Kit Now Available – It is Alive in the Lab

Some direct links:

Vasari Software Development Kit (SDK)
Project Vasari 2.5 offers an API designed to allow power users and external application developers to integrate their applications with Vasari. It is strongly recommended that you become familiar with Project Vasari and its features before attempting to use the API. Training can be found through the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN).
// download
// more


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