How to make a Radial Array with a value of 2 in Revit

Here comes a cool tip from Brad Strauss… He describes how you can use an Integer parameter to get Revit to allow you to apply a value of 2 to a Radial Array:

Thanks for the tip Brad!

This tip is somewhat similar to using a Repeater to allow you to have an Array of 1.

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9 years ago

I post a Wish List item pretyy much every year asking for Arrays to allow values of 2, 1, and even 0. That would make SO many families SO much simpler.
Think of a Window with Mullions.
You need one condition (and separate geometry) for a single Pane (One Pane, Zero Mullions)
Another condition and geometry for two Panes (Two Panes, One Mullion)
Another condition and geometry for three or more Panes.
Plus you need Visibility parameters for all of that geometry!
ArrayCount = #ofMullions allowing any integer 0 or greater would make the family 1/3 as complex.