How to add a label to a Component Family (automatic tag)

Sometimes you will want a component family to ‘always’ show a certain label. In other words, you do not want to have to manually ‘tag’ the family after placing it in project. How can we do this?Basically, while in the component family (for example, a Plumbing family), load the following Annotation family:
Generic Label.rfa Now, place an instance of the annotation family. You can drag the type directly from the Project Browser and drop it into the Ref Level view.You should link the parameter in this annotation family to a parameter from the Plumbing host family (you should know how to do this by now!) When you load this Plumbing component into the project, it now comes with an ‘automatic tag’, of sorts. However, there are some things to keep in mind – the main one being that this annotation will show in any view where the host family is included in the view range – it will not be masked by geometry.So, use this method with care. I have found it useful for things like a Hot Water System family, where you always want to show ‘HW’ in plan views. And I have handled the visibility issue with some trickly view filters.

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14 years ago

Another consideration is that the label is an annotation family (and therefore has a given size when printed.) This may cause some issues at smaller scales of the "tag" blocking the object totally. Also, you can't relocate that "tag" in the project, it will be located wherever it is in the family.

Great tip though.

14 years ago

Do you have any tip, to place "tags" like this for instance parameters?
For example sill height of a window…

Luke Johnson
14 years ago

When you link the parameter while in the family, you can see which parameters are available. OOTB (out of the box) Revit currently doesn't support reporting parameters from the project environment, such as 'Sill Height' or 'Host Wall Thickness'.

These are the parameters currently available for windows:Assembly Code
Construction Type
Type Comments