Have you heard of GreenSpider? The Revit point cloud importer?

It is an interesting add-in for Revit that can import point data into the conceptual environment.  It was written to “narrow the gap between computational concept design, terrestrial laser scanning and Building Information Modeling.”


Download page
Version 2.1 has just been released (25 May 2013)

Introductory page

Some info:
GreenSpider conveniently parses ASCII text files representing 3D vertexes, whether generated by computational modeling software or terrestrial laser scanning equipment.

Once installed through this installer package on Windows-based pc’s, GreenSpider 2.1 can be accessed in Revit mass modeling environment.

GSpoints and GScurves. The first one simply imports vertex point cloud as reference points in mass modeling environment, while the second traces a spline interpolation among imported points sorted through a TSP process, in order to build surfaces after recursive .GSP imports.

Decimated laser scanner point clouds are imported this way in Revit as many times as needed (using a reset function every time in Translator module), and generated curves can be used to originate surfaces very close to their real geometry.

GreenSpider – The Autodesk Revit point clouds plugin – TC Project


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Simone Garagnani
11 years ago

Many thanks for your interest in my work and for publish this post! GreenSpider is still a prototype but I hope it will grow better and better in the future!