Grasshopper to Vasari via IFC – yes, you can

Geometry Gym has released an IFC importer for Vasari Beta – links below:

ggRevitIFC2013x64 v0.0.37.msi (13th September 2012) REVIT 2013

ggRevitIFC2012x64 v0.0.37.msi (13th September 2012) REVIT 2012

ggVasariIFC v0.1.0.msi (18th September 2012) VASARI

64 Bit Vasari, Revit 2012 and Revit 2013 Addon to import IFC files.
Addon undergoing rapid development. Please use with care and send suggestions and observations.

Downloads – Geometry Gym

Image from Geometry Gym

Geometry Gym: IFC Importer for VASARI

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