Goodbye Autodesk Resellers?

One long-time Revit blogger recently made a few interesting observations about Autodesk and resellers…

Do you still use a reseller?  What do you use them for?  Would you prefer to just buy your software online, and do all your own technical research through blogs, wikis and forums?

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12 years ago

Our reseller killed themselves. While we don't use them, they haven't exactly been beating down our doors to offer help and support. Not a single person in out office even realizes that we have support through our reseller.

Scott Chatterton
12 years ago

I think there will be a distinct shift by the Resellers to market services such as Webinars, Training, Implementations etc… all billable…
Resellers also profit from selling subscription.
As you mentioned the days of the smaller reseller giving great personal service are over, now its a case of "Do you want Fries with that"! or "Can I supersize your order"… 🙁

Scott C.

12 years ago

A link to said blog post?

Luke Johnson
12 years ago
12 years ago

resellers are done for personally… training is a market that is drying up QUICKLY thanks to free outlets like youtube, books, and self-enguinity, not to mention sites like Augi and RevitForums. Our reseller offers us little assistance other then when we call, and we have rarely ever called since we can find answers faster (and for free) online. So what DOES our reseller offer? Well, once a month free, open to the public, user group meetings! but I can't imagine that's paying the bills!