Five Places to Hide Things in your Revit Model

Sometimes you want to save some Revit elements for later – like throwing them in the cupboard until you need them.  Here are five ways to do that:

  1. Group, then Link, then Unload the Link (you can copy / paste things from a link instance later)
  2. Add the elements to a secondary Design Option
  3. Put the elements on a Hidden Workset
  4. Put the elements in a Future Phase (after the current job phase).  Or, put them in a phase previous to Existing and then demolish them all in the same phase.  You can also put Views, like Sections, in a Future Phase to keep them in the model but stop them from showing in any plan views.
  5. Group the elements, Pin the Group, Duplicate the Group Type, then delete everything from the new type.  (Technically, you will need to keep at least one thing in the Group – so keep something that won’t print in there.)
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