Direct Access to Text from your Revit database using Revitlookup and SysExporter

Combining Revit Lookup and Sysexporter has a lot of potential for getting hard-to-reach data out of Revit in almost realtime. For example, in Revit 2013 there are limited options for scheduling Revit Links. But if we open Revit Lookup (Snoop Database), and then start Sysexporter, we can see this (find Snoop Objects in the list and select it):

From here, we can copy that list of Revit Links to Excel and do some LEFT and RIGHT operations to strip the Element ID:

Now, we can copy a group of element IDs to the Select by ID box in Revit (maybe need a trip to Notepad++ to remove linebreaks) to multi-select a group of Links, based on their Discipline or Level. Then, you can assign them to a particular Workset. See where I’m heading with this?

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