Custom Property Mapping in Navisworks for QTO (video)

Uploaded by youtube user BIMcoach:
“When working with Autodesk Navisworks you may run into mapping errors or omissions. This is due to the limitations of property mapping in Navisworks 2014. This video provides a solution to workaround this issue by creating a new property mapping definition.”

Also, remember this if you want to import MasterFormat catalog: at the very end of the Quantification Workbook tab there’s the import/export catalog icon (on top).

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9 years ago

hi, just want to ask an entirely different but relative question.
is there any existing add-in or any way to map Navisworks selection set's Quantity to its corresponding estimated duration,

time=(qty) / (qty per time)

i know you know what i mean, they are all integrating 3d=4d=5d