Clean uninstall of Revit 2010 products (repost)

How do you get rid of all the remnants of Revit 2010?

Check out this page at Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support.

It’s interesting to see where Revit stores it’s stuff in the Registry.

However, I’m not too sure on the recommendation to ‘Use the End Task feature to end any anti-virus programs’ before reinstalling Revit. Anyone see any complications with this?

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14 years ago

" 'Use the End Task feature to end any anti-virus programs' before reinstalling Revit"
*re*installing? and why shutoff by end task (is that via taskmgr?)
stay away from gorpy flabby av such as symantec or mcafee. i never shutoff security app|services while installing anything. you'll then need to discomm from the net (might want to anyway)
regshot is also good, though there's too much in its output to casually read 🙂