Bring your Minecraft model into Blender

Have you made something cool and architectural in Minecraft and you want to make it real?  How about sending it out to Blender?  Direct CG has made a tutorial to show you how …

This tutorial covers:

  • downloading and installing the mcobj Minecraft to .obj exporter by quag
  • converting your Minecraft world into usable .obj format
  • importing your Minecraft world into Blender
  • rendering your first Minecraft image
  • how to showcase your world with clay materials with Fabio Russo’s Clay Render addon

If you then want to move the OBJ file between formats, check out my previous posts:
Sketchup tools – DWG import / export, OBJ importer, IFC importer

Convert OBJ, DXF, DAE and 3DS to FBX for free

Read on at:
Minecraft to Blender – directcg

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