Check out this collection of BIM design resources:
BIM Libraries | Whole Building Design Guide

For instance, there are links to multiple different ‘standards’ and guides.  A few are listed below:

A process for seamless, efficient, reproducible exchange of accurate and reliable that is widely and routinely utilized among all tools and stakeholders.
Online and print magazine covering AEC, MCAD, and GIS
The reading room for computer aided design
This twice-yearly publication provides articles of interest to the community. A live version with web content is being planned to augment the current product.
Presentation by Howard Ashcraft, Hanson Bridget and Dennis Sheldon, Gehry Technologies
These documents define how data is represented, shared, and managed between the myriad of software applications used in the structural steelwork industry.
IFC Model (PDF 1.3 MB)
Texas Facilities Commission—Professional Service Provider Guidelines and Standards

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