BIM and VDC tips for multi-disciplinary coordination

There is a lot of practical wisdom presented in this recent article by Gensler’s Jared Krieger.

He recommends against “BIM execution plans as long as 50 pages, with page after page of information and procedures.”

A few more interesting quotes:
discussion early on about which team members will be modeling which pieces of the building

where should the model be during the schematic design, design development, and construction document phases

setting up a duplicate workset with the consultants’ grids so they can be turned on and off as needed

On clashes:
concentrate on the areas where you know there are going to be problems. You can’t let the computer do everything. Good architects know where they need to focus their coordination efforts.

During team meetings:
only team members who are proficient in Revit get to drive the model

This one is sure to raise some eyebrows:
“Anything in a design that is smaller than two inches in size—such as wire, conduit, and pipe—should not be modeled, because small components can usually be worked around larger components on site”

Read the whole article:

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