So, someone has inserted images into your file, and you can’t save them out!

Sure, you can go to File – Raster Images, but that doesn’t really help.

Try this:

The answer is simply to ‘export’ the view to DWG, and Revit will make the images you need.

For a nice, clean, step by step:
1. Make a new drafting view.
2. Select the image / images you want to ‘save out’
3. Copy to Clipboard
4. Paste them into the Drafting View
5. Export to DWG
6. Have a look at the folder that you exported to – there are your images!

Autodesk is getting very, very serious about DWFs. They will not replace PDFs overnight, but it is looking like DWF will become the exchange format of choice in the future. Particularly in the BIM / building delivery industry anyway.

Revit wants you to adopt this technology. Well, Autodesk does 🙂

So, why not try the DWF printer driver from Autodesk? Check it out at:

Without breaching confidentiality, I can’t tell you much…but…there are some very exciting developments in the PDF vs DWF war coming up soon!

Thanks to Shaan Hurley