I posted the links recently to download Update 11 for Revit 2015, over here. Unfortunately, this update causes problems with Revit Server.

While there is no official hotfix (yet), you can still have Update 11 and Revit Server if you follow one of the 3 methods at this link to fix your Revit install:
Revit 2015: UR11 breaks Revit Server | Revit Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Method 1 involves modifying Autodesk.RevitServer.Social.dll, Method 2 involves modifying Revit.exe.config, and Method 3 recommends not installing Update 11 (?)

Check the main article for the detailed steps.


This video shows how Autodesk Vault interacts with Revit server and how to configure them both across different sites connected through a WAN. The demo at the end shows the workflow between different sites.
You will also notice the handling of a referenced DWG in a Revit shared project through Autodesk Vault Professional. The demo shows how and why the combination of Vault and Revit server is the perfect solution for cross-site collaboration.


While many of us are struggling with a serious multiplication of models, Chris Price & Matthew Siebert have put together an interesting little case study on placing all design consultants in one model. Not just all using Revit – all in one single Revit model… Obviously, Revit Server (possibly plus VPN) or some sort of Remote Desktop scenario is required for geographically isolated teams, but there are definitely some pros to this method.

In my opinion, it would only work for models up to a certain size (a few hundred MB with all consultants isn’t going to be a huge building), after which I think it could become very difficult. Once you start segregating a model by sector or level, you aren’t in “one model” anymore. The other problem is that specialist subcontractors may not be using Revit at all (a post for another day). But the RTC Handout and Powerpoint is definitely worth a look. You will have to login to AUGI to download.

Read more and download at:

You will need to login to Subscription to download:

It is provided here as a stand-alone application for your

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Revit 2015 software is only available as part of the Autodesk® Building
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Autodesk_Revit_Server_2015_English_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe (exe – 245211Kb)

via Subscription page:
Autodesk Revit Server 2015

This problem and solution is surprisingly quite “undocumented”.  When you switch to Revit Server, the normal Worksharing Monitor for Revit will not work anymore.

However, you can become a part of Autodesk Project Bluestreak (also known as Activity Stream for Revit).  Basically, you join Bluestreak, install Bluestreak Desktop, and install Autodesk Revit Activity Stream.

Definitely worth a look if you are using Revit Server.


The Revit Jedi: Workshare Monitoring Vs Bluestreak… the Smackdown!

Although you can’t right-click on these folders, you can use the Tools – Add Current Folder to Places option.

For Revit 2014, it looks like this in the Registry, at path
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit 2014ProfilesAllAnavDialogs:

You could hypothetically populate these using a script or Registry merge (if you are careful).

Note: you do not need to restart Revit for these changes to appear.

My previous post about editing Registry Places:

… all of the ASP/IIS pre-requisites can be satisfied in the 2012 server Add Roles environment

The key is getting ASP 4.5 registered in IIS 8. To do this there is an extra feature that needs adding in the Add Roles environment. It is HTTP activation and it is found under .NET Framework 4.5 features/WCF Services.

2013 Revit Server 2013 on Windows Server 2012

More on the “Add Roles” process at:

If you want your entire geographically separated team to have access to the same linked files, you need to upload them to Revit Server. This also goes for CAD / DWG files, which will need to be imported into an RVT if you want to save them directly to RS.  2D DWG files can be referenced by Linked View in the host project if necessary.

Here is a bit of a workflow that may help:

1 Open the consultant model in appropriate version of Revit
2 Enable Worksharing (if it isn’t already)
3 Save As … 
a) if this is the first “save” of the consultant model to Revit Server, use a generic name like link-Structural.rvt and save onto Revit Server in the appropriate folder (if you have one for links)
b) if this is an updated model, overwrite the existing consultant model, using current name in the Revit Server Link folder
4 Use Reload on this new Consultant model in Manage Links of Architectural (our) host model
5 Close the Shared Levels and Grids workset for the Consultant Model, like this:
6 Sync with Central.  The Consultant model has now been imported / updated onto Revit Server, and other team members should be able to access it.

More info:
Help: Linking Server-Based Workshared Models

Other links and info:
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