Are you interested in Tekla to Revit (and back) interoperability?  Then check out:
Tekla-Revit Interoperability Forum | LinkedIn

Various plug-ins and workflows are available which may help you coordinate the two systems effectively.

One such workflow focuses on using BCF plugins to coordinate and transmit Comments:

  • Identify an issue in your model / linked model
  • highlight and comment in the plugin tool
  • send tiny file to dropbox /shared server / email
  • fellow consultant opens comment which zooms to correct location in Revit / Tekla Structures and can immediately take action. 

From Highlight and comment directly from Revit into Tekla Structures (and back again) | LinkedIn

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A few words on 3D engines and InterOp from WorldCAD Access:

“For instance, InterOp now directly translates from competitor Parasolid, non-competitor SolidWorks (which uses Parasolid — it’s a complicated relationship), competitor Siemens NX, and non-competitor Catia V6; it reads and writes Dassault’s 3DXML with tesselation. It extracts graphical data from CAD programs like Solidworks, and then display it — although it is not clear to me what this last item means.
OK, now I get it.  “Graphical data” means that the imported 3D model looks just like in the originating CAD system, completed with shading, rectangular boxes at the ends of leaders, arrowheads, and so on.”

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New Dassault logo via WorldCAD Access