Using Divide and Repeat for Site Masterplanning

You will find below a visual diary of some site master planning options – the Divide and Repeat tool was used to layout out the units.

Here is a very concise how-to:

  1. Make a new Mass or Adaptive family (in-place or component)
  2. Draw a Spline
  3. Select it and hit Divide Path
  4. Place a two-point based Generic Model Adaptive family spanning two of the points
  5. Select it, and then click the Repeat button

The images below will tell you more:

Further reading:
Use Divide and Repeat to Create A Curved (elevation) Railing – WikiHelp

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Ben Malone
9 years ago

Excellent work Luke, thanks for sharing. I haven't used Revit much for site planning or at all for master planning. Could you write a post about site / master planning in Revit? Would be very interested to read it. Thanks

Andy Milburn
9 years ago

Nice work Luke, Definitely needs to be more focus on Revit's masterplanning capabilities. Maybe this will motivate me to finish off a post I started writing on some simple masterplanning work we have done. What we really need is a robust tool for calculating FAR & coverage ratios. Cheers Andy

Luke Johnson
9 years ago

Dave Light takes things to the next level over at Revit: Tower fun repeater – nesting