Three Techniques for Building Better Revit Content Libraries

Jon Buerg recently posted his ‘top tips’ for content on Shoegnome. Here are three I particularly liked:

  1. If you can actually afford to invest the labor and time into producing a complete library all in one shot without interruption, you’ll be rewarded with a lower overall investment cost and time frame.
  2. Future-proof your library… follow IFC protocols for embedding data, like manufacturer and model number, into your library element. Do this from the start…
  3.  visit 3D Warehouse (,
    BIMcomponents (,
    BIMobject (,
    NBS National BIM Library (,
    Revit City (,
    KCL CADalog (, and
    SmartBIM Library (

Building Better BIM Libraries – Shoegnome

Also, don’t forget I have a (somewhat old) content list at:

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