Let’s say you want to quickly schedule a particular Model Group’s instances in your project, and also be able to quickly “find” them in the project:

  1. Make a new Generic Model that can have everything “hidden”
  2. Make sure it has a Shared Parameter that is set to “Varies by Group Instance” in the Project
  3. Make a Schedule that shows only this family (using a Filter).  In essence, this schedule will now be scheduling the actual group.
  4. If you want to, enter some identifying information into the “varying” Shared Parameter that you made in step 2
  5. Use the Highlight in Model option in the Schedule to locate each instance

This process is only made possible in 2014, due to the ability for parameters to vary by Group Instance.

I adapted and expanded on this method over at:
Auditing and Comparing Model Groups in Revit 2014