Tim over at the RevitCat has put together a nice writeup on component stairs, and specifically, landings.  Some of you may have struggled to place a landing at the top of a stair flight – particularly when dealing with multistorey stairs.  Along with other tips, Tim shows you how…

Here is the key to the workaround:
Place an extra run at the top so that Revit creates an automatic landing; then delete that run – the landing will remain, but will be converted to a sketch based component

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If you ever feel like your Revit day is just too basic and straightforward, you should definitely read this post by the RevitCat.  There are some serious formulas in place:

This technique will not work with a curved surface because it all works by calculating the actual distance from the control point to the BL corner of the pyramid and relating that to the overall length of the surface.

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