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At RTCNA this past week, Harry Mattison has been taking API challenges and answering them left, right and centre.  Most of us are trying to figure out What Revit Wants, while Harry seems to inherently understand What the Revit API Wants – and what it can handle.

Take this example – he was challenged to provide a method of printing Sheets from a Linked RVT in the host project.  Turns out it was easy!  Read his full post below:
Print Sheets from Host & Linked RVT files | Boost Your BIM – making Revit even better

But this wasn’t the only challenge he answered during RTCNA.  Here are a few more gems:
Live link between Parameters in Model & Detail Families
(yep, it updates itself)

“View” Field added to a Detail Item Schedule
(ability to schedule the View a particular Detail Item exists in — 2014 only)

Automatically Synchronize With Central
(let’s call this “the real Revit autosave” — 2014 only)

Nice work Harry.