Which do you identify with?

In Revit Wars, you are in a battle for your life.  It seems that you are the little guy, but you are up against a huge, monolithic, impersonal empire.  Each time you move, somehow the enemy finds you and destroys the good work you have done.  Sure, there are moments of hope and success, but it seems like the only way you can truly win is to rely on those one or two individuals who have transcended, who have grasped the true power of Revit-chlorians.  Will one of these Masters teach you, will they help you to realise your full potential?

In Revit Trek, each day results in a new discovery.  What will you discover today?  What problems will you need to solve?  What new technology will be revealed to you?  Sure, there are enemies out there.  But that isn’t your main concern.  Your main concern is exploration and learning.  You don’t view each interaction as an opportunity for violence, but rather, as an opportunity for peace and diplomacy.  You are surrounded by many different personalities – some insightful, some entrepreneurial, some warlike, and some powerful.  Yet you try to work in harmony, for the good of all.

Finally, Revit Gate.  This is where you take huge leaps forward, seemingly in an instant.  It is scary, but the potential to make a quick profit is very tempting.  Sometimes you take a leap without knowing where you will end up.  There are forces at play, political and powerful.  There is an Enemy, but the only way you can survive is to simply not engage in a direct fight with them.  You must learn as much as you can, as quickly as you can, and hope that it will give you the information you need to succeed.

That is not to mention Revitalien, a dangerous place where something is lurking, waiting to destroy your model, or transform it into something hideous.  Or Revitpendance Day, where a single victory makes you think that you have completely won.  Or Revitstar Galactica, where it seems the only way to survive is to actually avoid new technology altogether.

So, I ask you again, which do you identify with?  A you a Revit Jedi, a Revit Captain, or a Revit-G1 team member?  The answer will lead you to download one of the following models and import it into Revit: