I’ve spent the past year working in a coordination role on the new Royal Adelaide Hospital project. The sheer number and complexity of the Revit models involved is immense. But here is something interesting:

basically every contractor who works on this project is
required to deliver their work in Revit format.

So… if Revit is good enough for the 3rd most expensive building in the world, don’t you think it’s time you took some action? Maybe its time to get Revit, get learning, and enjoy the ride!

According to Emporis:
The most expensive buildings in the world | Statistics | EMPORIS
and via
The 9 Most Expensive Buildings Ever Aren’t What You’d Expect

Here is what it looks like today, 13 February 2015:

Some related documents:


Along with all the usual statistics and reports, it features a two-page Case Study on the New Royal Adelaide Hospital – a project we are involved with coordinating here at VirtualBuilt.  If you want to read on about SPOTNIC, 4D, 5D and FM involvement in the process, read on…

The full title is

The Business Value of BIM in Australia and New Zealand:
How Building Information Modeling Is Transforming the Design and Construction Industry

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