I wanted to grab a list of files so I could check if I had reviewed the contents of some MEP training videos.  You can easily do this using a Windows Powershell script.

Code example:

get-childitem “T:MEP (Revit MEP)MEP VIDEOS” -recurse | select-object DirectoryName,Name | where { $_.DirectoryName -ne $NULL } | Export-CSV C:Filelist.csv

Read more:
How to list all files in a directory and subdirectories

  1. Select all instances of the Detail Group (either through Project Browser or right-click menu).  You will see in the Properties Palette ‘how many’ you have selected.
  2. Trigger the Group command
  3. Revit will fail with an error.  Click Expand and then review the results in the dialog box.  You will be able to list the views as per the following image: