Paolo has written a nice little macro that basically examines the Type parameters of a wall and then draws a Detail Line at the centreline of the wall – the Line Style is driven by the Parameter. The obvious use is for Fire Rating – you make a couple of Line Styles for different ratings, set the Fire Rating parameters on the wall, run this macro and then you have an instant fire rating plan.

To update a view, it seems that if you run it with nothing selected, it will ‘clear’ the previously created Detail Lines. Then, select the walls and run the macro – the Detail Lines are recreated according to the current parameter value.

Download at:

Qui il codice e qui la famiglia di etichetta.

Watch the video:

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Sometimes you may have to deal with a very long list of Line Styles in Revit.  Unfortunately, there is no ‘Recently Used’ list in Line Styles!  The keyboard can be used to scroll in the Line Style selector by pressing the first character of the Line Style name.  However, to select , you have to:

  1. Click in the Line Style selector
  2. Hold down Shift, and press < and then I
  3. Press Enter

If you actually want to do it completely on the keyboard:

  1. Start a straight line command
  2. Hit Alt
  3. Then M
  4. Then LS
  5. Hold down Shift, and press < and then I
  6. Press Enter

In case you haven’t realised yet – pressing Alt once reveals a level of keyboard shortcuts, then after you type one of those options – another level is revealed.  It appears that some of these are not actually accessible using the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog…