A UI Toolkit is essentially a tool used by developers to create the user interface for a program.

I previously posted about the apparent limitations of the current Revit UI Toolkit.

In David Conant’s post on Inside the Factory, we get a similar insight into this fundamental yet apparently weak element of Revit development.

Some are the result of constraints imposed by current interface tools, others reflect deeper issues in the Revit data structure and regeneration engines.

Inside the Factory: Revit Schedules: A Love Hate relationship

If you want to install Dynamo on (or into ?) Revit, Tom Vollaro from Inside the Factory has posted the steps.

I have previously posted about Dynamo on github and Microsoft Kinect with Dynamo (multiple videos).

The installation is a bit wonky, so here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Dynamo repository on github.
  2. Click on DynamoInstall or DynamoInstall_32bit (depending on your Revit install)
  3. Click on Release
  4. Click on both the msi file and setup.exe. For each, click “View Raw” and that will allow you to download the file
  5. Run setup.exe and restart Revit. I will post instructions soon on getting it going in Vasari.

Inside the Factory: Revit Spaghetti