The online Revit community can be a pretty fun place. And yes, I know that sounds nerdy.

My mate Gregory Arkin called me via long distance Skype the other day – it was great to have a chat with him! He has really been a stalwart member of the Revit community for a long time now. But it is still fun to tease him occasionally 🙂 I have beaten him to press a few times lately – usually because he is bound by certain rules (as a reseller), that I am not bound by. As you can see below, he does tend to react to some of the teasing and banter…(bolded by me)

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Luke posted about this a few days ago and only because his reseller, who will probably get in a lot of trouble for preleasing information, so let’s make this official.

So, Luke, your technorati statistics mean nothing here. You may have the best blog in Porpoise Spit Australia, but here, in the real world, BIMBoom will always reign supreme.

Luke to make sure we don’t have this competition next year, I just want you all to know that Revit Architecture 2013 will be shipping on April 13, 2012. Yup. That’s release “13” releasing on Friday the 13th. I hope you’re not superstitious. I really don’t know when it’s shipping, but it’s always nice to be first or number one.

Thanks Luke. You unofficially beat me, but I’m not allowed to officially discuss the release date until it becomes available to everyone. Consider it a subscription benefit to get the software a few days early.

…and then there’s Luke. Luke has a great blog, Luke worries me a little. He writes almost as many blog posts as I do. Thankfully, his are all very technical and based on the use of Revit at his firm. Luke, keep up the great work. Luke, yes, I was double tricking you.

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Keep up the good work Gregory! What would life be without a bit of fun?