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We are very pleased to announce that today we have released the first build of Family Browser Labs Project to the general public. Family Browser Labs Project is the most powerful & sophisticated Family Browser for Autodesk Revit. It handles not only Revit RFA Families but also Revit System families, drafting views, schedules and groups. The best part of this is that it is absolutely FREE. The only thing we ask in return is your feedback.

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Nice post by Ben Malone over at BIMopedia.  He shows you how to install, activate, and use the free Tools4Revit family browser.  I like the fact that I can add my single local network-located Families folder and it will go ahead and index the families for me…

My PC has been busy upgrading and indexing over 5000 files to add to the Browser, so it will be interesting to see how well it performs.  I have had to do some minor babysitting to clear some warnings / dialogs and let the process continue…

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BIMopedia Online – Benjamin Malone