What does Revit eStorage do?
Stores and Restores the data of an external file into Revit extensible storage on a selected element.

Download Revit e-Storage link

How to install (from the readme):
Copy the following files to the appropriate Revit Addins folder,
either “%AppData%AutodeskREVITAddins2013”
or “%AppData%AutodeskREVITAddins2012”:

– ADNPlugin-eStorage.addin: add-in manifest
– ADNPlugin-eStorage.bundle: bundle folder which contains all
other supporting materials

In this 30 second video example, I take a PDF file and save it in the extensible storage of a Raster Image in Revit, then I Restore the contents back out of the image into a PDF file again!

Using the ‘List’ button shows all of the file data stored in extensible storage in the current RVT project.

This actually reminds me a little bit of VEO Archive (a model linked document library) … the concept of attaching documents and file data to elements in a Building Information Model is actually VERY powerful!


Guess what – you can also store this file data in family RFA files!  Yay.  For example, I opened a Door family and then attached a PDF to a Text Note.  I then loaded this into a project, closed the source family, and opened it again FROM the project – and the extensible data stays with the Family. 



Jeremy Tammik actually describes how this works on page 8 of this PDF:


How about this for an idea – set up a File Browser drafting view with Text Notes.  Then, attach project related documents to these notes using eStorage.

  • This could be very handy in a Worksharing scenario as a way to push out Meeting Minutes / Agendas / Deadline documents inside the Revit model
  • You could even scale this idea up to Revit Server as a way to track, update and distribute project related documents throughout the globe!

What about embedding your Project Standards as a RVT file in eStorage?  Whenever you want to Transfer Project Standards, just save the file out, open it and go for it.

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