Getting lighting to work in Revit can seem like one of those things that are ‘possible’, but ‘too hard for now…’ 

We are all busy, so it can be challenging to really dig down into some of these deeper Revit topics and develop a workflow that is both predictable and efficient. However, Revit Wants you to make the most of the information that you have embedded in your model. If you can see any usefulness in performing lighting calcs directly in Revit, you should check out the online training courses that Dan Stine is running with ElumTools (Lighting Analysts).

Daniel Stine is an incredibly knowledgeable and highly experienced Revit professional. It is incredible how many books he has authored and co-authored 🙂 Suffice to say that he definitely knows what he is talking about! See the outlines as linked below, and you can Register for the courses here.

Basic ElumTools for Interiors
March 9, 2017, noon-2pm CST

Basic ElumTools for Exteriors
March 16, 2017, noon-2pm CST

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