Adam Sheather, aka gytaco, has put out some pretty interesting content in the past week. He was trying to solve a programming puzzle to do with pre-cast panels, molds, concrete curing etc. Based on his post and video, he punched a heap of programme data in Excel, made Dynamo read and write to his master spreadsheet, and then got Dynamo to push some data into some Revit families with arrays so that he could visualise his pre-cast yard at a given point in time. Very smart stuff!

As Adam says, the Excel-Dynamo-Revit solution can:
“effectively give me a week by week view of what the precast yard will look like based on the updated Revit data, installation dates, actual to date and the pre-cast managers forecasting all in one. Plus I would be able to tag and print out if required the information!”

 Video below:
“example of using Dynamo to update Revit and excel at the same time and push the updated values back into Revit objects”


And one final Dynamo tip from his post:
Due to the lack of nodes, familiarity and examples in 7.1 I ended up ditching it and jumping back to 0.6.3 which had alot more examples including both the Solar Optimizer and nodes I thought I needed for input/out of excel files that were not in 7.1.
Whole post: