I am currently installing Building Design Suite Premium 2012 from the shiny USB stick we received yesterday.  There are just two quick tips that I wanted to share with you:

  1. If your packaging does not have a Serial Number printed on it, you will need to log in to Subscription Center, go to Contract Administration and then click Coverage Report.  From here you should be able to find your Serial Number.
  2. If you want to use the ‘UK Terminology’ in Revit Structure (as previously posted about on various blogs), there is an option in the installation – see image below:

My installation took about 50 mins – and I installed every product.  Enjoy!

      Autodesk is offering a free upgrade to Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium.  I just got off the phone from our reseller (KarelCAD) and those who currently hold one of the Revit Suite subscription licenses (RAC Suite, RMEP Suite, RST Suite) qualify for this free upgrade.

      According to our reseller, this is a limited time promotion for 2 months.

      I’m unsure if it is going to be rolled out globally, or if it is just limited to Australia.

      This is basically equivalent to Autodesk giving you a free copy of Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design to play with.

      Here is the only catch – if you accept this free upgrade, your subscription cost will increase.  In our case, it will be an additional $375 (ex GST) per license per year.  In real terms, I guess it will take quite a few years of paying this increased subscription to actually ‘break even’ with how much it would have cost to buy 3ds Max outright.