Revit 2012 top 16 features…

  1. Save All Families to files from Project is now built-in to Revit 2012
  2. Single key entry will be first in priority of Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Worksharing may be disabled for a previously workshared project
  4. Import linked CAD files
  5. Purge imported categories
  6. 1:RATIO units available to spot slopes
  7. Lock 3d views and Tag in 3d views
  8. Create Assembly – allows automatic creation of views
  9. Support for WikiHelp
  10. Manage Links dialog – columns are now sortable by clicking the headers
  11. Worksharing update frequency may be changed in Options
  12. Lots of worksharing display settings updates and options
  13. Unattached voids can cut from family to project (certain categories)
  14. Point clouds tab in Manage Links
  15. DWG export – lots of new options
  16. Export Types from Family to a text file – type catalog (plus the ability to Import Family Types)

And yes – stairs, railings and topography tools are still weak…

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Stefano, Italy
Stefano, Italy
12 years ago

If this is a real list of the most significant im provements… it looks like the description of some useful features of some witty plug-in…. why they do not work on the main part of the software….??!! I pay two subscriptions for this? Hopefully the real release will reserve us something more….

12 years ago

stairs and railings beeing weak – i can handle, but the topography being the suckyest thing in revit get's on my nervs like you won't believe. and not being able to tag in schedule……what's up with that?