Revit 2012 download details

Looks like I have won the race to post that Revit 2012 is available for download.

I’ll have a look and see if I can find a trial download link – although Autodesk may hold off releasing the trial until most Subscription customers actually get the download.

It was actually an opportune call from my reseller that gave me the heads up about the download.  You may find that it doesn’t show up yet in your Subscription Centre – the reseller mentioned that Autodesk was doing a kind of ‘trickle feed’ to Subscription customers, to stop servers getting clogged up etc.

This was a status of the download – I decided to use Firefox with Downthemall to try and download it as quickly as possible:

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Jason Grant
13 years ago

Forgot you are in Australia… usually get access before USA. Mine still shows just 2011 products. Have fun with it

4 years ago

excuse me….is it full version or trial version?