"More people will contribute to projects in much smaller chunks…"

In case you missed this recent article, note how the comments of Philip Rosedale can actually apply to the future of the AEC industry:

“If the technology changes to make it easier for negotiating and knowing what the work product is, and knowing how people are performing, and it becomes easier to do things in smaller and smaller chunks and with more granularity and with less hassle, the nature of firms and the structure of firms will probably change,” he said. “Obviously, they will go down in size and the relationships will become much more transactional. So,” Rosedale said, “my belief became that the future of work will be some sort of a situation in which many more people will contribute to projects in much smaller chunks,” he said.  

“I was struck by the thought that we’re reaching a point where the scale and complexity of the things we’re building exceeds our capability as individuals to do planning around them,” he said.

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