Making a Seamless Sphere in Revit

  1. Make a rectangular extrusion form
  2. Make a revolve form using funny looking profile shown above – switch to void
  3. Cut geometry, and then adjust grips as necessary to make it look nice

Download the file 

(dissolve it if you want to see how it works)

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Power Cords
11 years ago

Amazing. I have downloaded and will try myself to create it same like this or to make changes to make it perfect..

Barrie Sharp
11 years ago

The issue seems to come when you want to apply a divided surface to it. It doesn't seem as if using voids to carve up shapes works for curtain paterns 🙁

11 years ago

The form is brilliant. Old school modeling! Build more and take away what you don't need. The curtain pattern issue really chaps my hide. TG for the 2013 repeat tool.