In-place and Component families of Stair and Railing Category

Here is a little gift to all my readers.  The link below allows you to download a 2012 version RVT project that contains In-place and Component versions of families that are of the Category ‘Stairs’ and ‘Railings’.
Download link

Revit does not allow this to happen out-of-the-box, so you can be sure that this hack is not best practice, and it won’t be supported by Autodesk.  Use at your own risk!

Having said that, if you know what you are doing, these families could be quite useful to you.

Revit Family Stair Category

RFA Railing Category

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Mike Hardy-Brown
12 years ago

Trying to work out that hack???
Combination of Shared parameters nested into type properties?

You got me???

Luke Johnson
12 years ago

Export IFC then Open IFC 🙂
Plus this technique to make the Components:
Save an In-Place Family as an RFA for use in another project

Mike Hardy-Brown
12 years ago