How to create a Scope Box in the Family Environment

Isn’t it strange that Scope Box is a property of datums (like Reference Planes and Levels), AND its also a Property of Views (Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections etc) in the FAMILY environment, yet there is no tool to create a Scope Box available? (we are talking Revit 2012 here)

If you add a keyboard shortcut to Scope Box – it doesn’t work in the Family Editor…

If you add Scope Box to the Quick Launch toolbar – guess what?  The Scope Box tool suddenly ‘appears’ in the Family Editor – but it is always greyed out.  Remove it from Quick Launch, and it disappears just as suddenly… check it out:

How are we going to get around this one?  Simple – use this method to transfer a Scope Box from the Project Environment to a family RFA.  From there, we can copy the Scope Box from family to family as needed!

Here is another gift from What Revit Wants – a Generic Model family with a Scope Box in it that you can copy to other families:
Download family

It’s pretty funny that you can’t even Create Similar once you have a Scope Box in the family!

EDIT:  Added video showing creation process:

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12 years ago

How will you use a scope box in a family now that you have one? None of the things that it does have any role in the family editor.

Earl Schrader
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve

I use scope boxes for cutting through objects to ensure they work and edit at times… Very beneficial in Projects and I have wished it was in families many times over.. I hope this works.

Luke Johnson
12 years ago

I had a family with Reference Planes that were really long, but I wanted to be able to quickly and easily crop the Front Elevation view in the Family. Sometimes the view Crop controls can be a pain when the aspect ratio of the view is exaggerated… so I'm basically using the Scope Box as a quick Crop tool.

I guess its not typical usage for a Scope Box, but I think saying 'none of the things that it does have any role' is going a bit far maybe?

12 years ago

I guess I'm guilty of accepting the status quo. In my situation, I can't recall the last time I've cropped a view in a family. I suppose if I was working on a really big one I might. I did recently for part of an airport but cropping the view wouldn't have helped. There have been times that it would be nice to adjust a group of reference planes all at once so I'm not suggesting that having a scope box wouldn't be a benefit. I've often wished that reference planes behaved more like grids do relative to each other… Read more »

Luke Johnson
12 years ago

I didn't, but (checking…), nope it doesn't show.

12 years ago


Deise Amazonas
9 years ago

revit architecture 2013 runs in windows 7 64 bits?

8 years ago

Love it!