Google Reader is gone, but here is a new Aggregated Revit Info and News RSS Feed

Plug this into your RSS reader:

I also burnt this feed to allow for easy subscribing (via email etc):

I previously had used a shared folder on Google Reader to aggregate all of this into one RSS via Feedburner (and then into PDF), but obviously that method is broken now.

Dare I say that I think that InoReader is going to be my Google Reader replacement…

Some other notes
Another way to view the Revit Feed reading list, check out:
(this one will not be updated, as I think I’m going to go with InoReader, not Feedspot)

Another idea
I thought I had found a way to aggregate my Revit Feeds into one RSS for easy reading / viewing.  Without getting into all the details, it uses a Yahoo Pipe to turn an OPML (containing many feeds) into one RSS feed, sorted by date.  Here it is:

In the end, the result is not very predictable or reliable…

This is the pipe:

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