Funny Revit Error Messages

Go Team Leo:



Revit time travel?

Ever felt this way? (via (@apertedesign)

Even Revit knows that new features will be added in the future:

This post used to be titled Another dimension beyond XYZ?  Inches to the fourth power …
but I have decided to collect funny Revit error messages and put them all here.

I received this message from Revit recently:

Then this tweeted image reminded me of it:

via Twitter / architect_face: Anyone had this error before? …
Evidently, Revit sometimes gets a bit confused by certain combinations of formulas and / or units?
EDIT:  Here’s another good one-

Image result for /Warning Square-Foot.png

Square feet per foot dialog | BD Mackey Consulting | The Revit Geek Blog

EDIT:   And some more-

LOL. It’s funny but it’s not legit- I made the app, and the error…

And some warnings:

EDIT: Another one

and one from Aaron Maller

EDIT:  More will be added below–

Another square feet per foot:



This one via Revit OpEd: These are not the Warnings You are Looking For


“Lumps of Roofs”

Still not sure if this one was real:

Be careful of those ridiculously large journal files:



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Dave Baldacchino
11 years ago

Autodesk must have an internal competition on who comes up with the most bizarre of dialog boxes!

Lori Richter
10 years ago

i have just got a note saying

"kilometers per second squared"

Anyone know the problem – I can open it fine but when i send it the architect it says this.

10 years ago

It is probably in a directory that has a symbol in it or a directory that is past 224 charactors long including the filename and extension. Thats what it was when I got a meters per second squared. Have them try saving it to a higher up folder in the structure and see if they have issues.

Scott Crichton
Scott Crichton
6 years ago

Got sent this one the other day….
“Exception thrown in destructor”
Got to love the terminology…..