Formatting large drives as FAT32 in Windows

Windows 7 does not easily allow you to format a USB drive using the FAT32 filesystem.  Some media devices do not understand NTFS, and they need drives to be formatted as FAT32 (such as PlayStation 3 / PS3)

To format large drives using FAT32 in Windows, you can use a program called Swissknife:
Download Swissknife


  • install it.
  • plug your hard drive in your pc 
  • open the program.
  • click your drive in the devices list.
  • click format to erase everything.
  • once finished click partition type and select primary and then file system and select fat32.
  • drag the bar to the right of the pie chart all the way to the bottom, so the whole pie chart turns blue.
  • click create.  


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